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Spain – South Africa backpacking route, 2019

Approximate route from my Garmin InReach

I crossed Africa by land via the west, central, and South Africa in 2019. I started in Spain, took the ferry to Morocco, and made my journey down. I have gotten arrested and detained mistaken for a spy, crossed 20+ land borders, went through hundreds of police and military checkpoints, dealt with corrupt officials, contracted malaria and food poisonings, countless cold bucket showers, many days waiting for electricity, hitchhiked, squeezed in with 10 people in a 5 person bush taxi countless times, motorbiked with a moto taxi in the mud during rainy season, camped in police stations, met so many amazing people, heard many crazy, sad, beautiful stories, taken care of by so many people I’m grateful to, saw incredible sights, animals, markets, mountains, rivers, villages, cities, and countless exhilarating sensational experiences… it was an adventure of a lifetime.

This is my route:

  1. Morocco
  2. Western Sahara
  3. Mauritania
  4. Senegal
  5. The Gambia (then back to Senegal)
  6. Guinea-Bissau
  7. Guinea
  8. Sierra Leone
  9. Liberia
  10. Cote d’Ivoire
  11. Ghana
  12. Togo
  13. Benin
  14. Nigeria
  15. Cameroon
  16. Gabon
  17. Republic of Congo
  18. Democratic Republic of Congo
  19. Angola
  20. Namibia
  21. South Africa

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