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Morocco to South Africa (up to date as of 2019 with a Canadian passport)

MoroccoNo visa
Western SaharaConsidered the same country as Morocco, if you stay near the coast
MauritaniaVisa on Arrival (euros)
SenegalNo visa
The GambiaNo visa (check for your nationality)
Guinea-BissauDakar, Senegal
GuineaDakar, Senegal
Sierra LeoneConakry, Guinea
LiberiaDakar, Senegal
Cote d’IvoireMonrovia, Liberia or e-visa
GhanaMonrovia, Liberia
TogoAbidjan, Cote d’Ivoire
NigeriaTourist visa needs to be obtained in country of residence. Freetown, Sierra Leone is worth trying as I’ve heard some travellers were able to get it there. If this is not possible (often it isn’t for overlanders as expiry is too short), you can try to obtain a business visa on arrival instead. You can try doing this through the website or depending on your moral level (?), there are “assistance services” by immigration officers who easily provide a visa-on-arrival letter. Then you’ll be escorted from the Benin border to Lagos airport to get the visa. This is a fun process taking 4+ hours and over 20 police checkpoints.
CameroonCalabar, Nigeria
GabonYaounde, Cameroon
CongoLibreville, Gabon
DRCTourist visa needs to be obtained in country of residence. I managed to convince the embassy in Accra, Ghana to give me one but whether they will accept it at the border or not is a risk. Last I heard it might be possible to get one in Cameroon.
AngolaMatadi, DRC. Also possible in Kinshasa
NamibiaNo visa
South AfricaNo visa

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